The coconut is an amazing tree

considered a “tree of life,” it offers many uses. Thai people believe that the coconut is a symbol of plentiful, and Thailand is one of the world’s best sources of coconuts. 

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promotes the tremendous benefits of Thailand’s coconuts. Since the olden times until today, Thais have used and developed various products from different parts of the coconut that are used in daily life.

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Premium raw coconuts

CocoFarm selects premium raw coconuts from central and southern parts of Thailand, which grow excellent coconuts.

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CocoFarm Thailand

Our coconuts are meticulously processed into high quality products for consumption, while maintaining the rich nutrition they bring to consumers. Chemical-free, all natural, our products – coconut sugar, coconut oil, coconut virgin oil, coconut coffee creamer, coconut coffee, coconut flour and coconut milk drink – are a healthier choice for a better lifestyle.



Benefits of CocoFarm Coconut Products

Made from natural coconut

Grown in natural coconut farms, adhering to quality & safety standards


Besides the natural & good taste from coconuts, there are a lot of good benefits from healthy fat, vitamins and nutrients.

Skin care

Coconut oil keeps skin moisturized and improves skin health while being chemical-free

Happy consumers

Coconut products benefit all generations, offering a healthier lifestyle

Good taste

Mild natural coconut taste good for everyone

Safe for consumption

Organic & natural, chemical-free and safe to eat and drink

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